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Good Show, Sir - Comics by Adam Szym


Darwin’ monsters!

Finished motorcycle panel!

That same apartment drawing but animated and garishly colored!

I drew my old apartment from when I lived in Ansan, South Korea, probably the coolest apartment I’ll ever live in.


who else is excited for clarence

(via owloil)

More CENSUS storyboard stuff

Huh? Hello?



Hey guys. My stomach is all aflutter. We just launched the pre-order drive for the next batch of study buddies. You can get the new Farel Dalrymple comic IT WILL ALL HURT #2, Sam Alden’s HAUNTER, and the bigger and badder than ever Studygroup Magazine #3D with a bunch of radsters (in 3D!!) . If you like what we do, please consider helping us cover the printing costs for these badical books.

Don’t use your Oculus Rift when gangsters are trying to murder you, it’s just not safe. 

I’m pretty happy with this drawing!