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Good Show, Sir - Comics by Adam Szym


SPX 2013

So it’s been about almost one week since SPX happened, and I wish it was happening this weekend again.  It was my first exhibiting (and attending) SPX, and I wasn’t prepared for how fun and exciting and inspiring it would be.  

I debuted my new book TINY CAVEMAN (which you can buy HERE), and it sold like hot cakes.  This was easily my best show ever in terms of sales, but better than that, in terms of fun.

Being stuck in a hotel with hundreds of other cool cartoonists and fans is a recipe for a fantastic time, and a terrible, TERRIBLE hangover.

Most importantly: JEFF SMITH BOUGHT MY COMIC.  So that was pretty cool, I gotta say.

Also met and chatted with countless cool folks, all of them fun, excited, humble, and wonderful.  Cartoonists are pretty great, overall, I’d say.